Effective Alarm Systems for Apartments, Dorms and Smaller Homes

People see the ads on TV and think that the best way to get home security is to use one of the services like Brinks or ADT. The problem they find is that the programs these companies offer are not suited for rental or short term properties.

The initial cost of these national companies coming in and setting up a system is advertised as being very low cost, but those low prices are based on you having to sign a contract for their services for three years or more.

So when you send your son or daughter off to school, or if you are living in a rented condo or apartment, the time that you or they will be living there is either shorter than three years or undetermined. Of course you will not want to have to sign up for a multi-year contract and pay the high monthly fees.

However, do it yourself alarm systems for apartments are readily available and are actually very affordable. One very good example of this is the Skylink SC-10 Security System Basic Kit. This unit is very well reviewed and has a number of excellent features that make it perfect for an apartment, dorm or other rental unit.

This is a wireless system which makes if very quick and easy to install. The few screw holes that you will make in attaching the sensors will be easy to repair when you are done renting and move out. Plus you can take the system with you. And all at a cost of less than $70. It is an excellent self contained system and has the option (at additional cost) to call preset phone numbers you supply if the system is triggered. If you need additional sensors not included in the basic unit, they are available and are also very low cost.


The base system includes a control panel, motion sensor, a key chain transmitter you use to arm and disarm the system, two door or window contact sensors and a piercingly loud 110 dB siren that has battery backup so it works even if the regular power is off.

And these type of smaller apartment alarm systems work very well in giving you a high level of security when you are at home. You’ll be on the safe side knowing that the extremely loud siren will sound if anyone tampers with or tries to open your doors or windows. This really helps give a person a lot more peace of mind. And when you are away, it is an extremely comforting feeling knowing that your property and possessions are protected.

If you are concerned that it may be a problem with your landlord, check with them first before doing your installation. Being worried about putting a few screws into a window or door jamb is not a good reason to risk your security. And in many cases, especially where you have metal doors or windows, there are adhesive products that you can use to attach the sensors securely. When you talk to your landlord in 99 cases out of 100 they won’t have a problem allowing you to install a small apartment alarm system. A lot of the time they will offer to have their maintenance man install it or help you to attach the sensors. In some cases they may say that you must leave it when you move out. But this is a small price to pay for knowing that you and your property are safe.

Today it is easy to give yourself excellent security even if you don’t live in a large home with a big security system. Even if you rent an apartment or flat technology has now given you a low cost way to protect yourself against burglars and intruders. Check out the different options and then get yourself one of the many security system kits that are available. Once you take a look you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensively you can buy safety and security.


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