No Worry About Keys With Keypad Deadbolt or Keyless Deadbolt Locks

If you are looking for the best combination of security and convenience in a lock for your home entry doors, a keypad deadbolt lock is definitely the best type of lock to install.

If you already have existing keyed deadbolt locks, they can easily be replaced by keypad door locks. This is something that you can very easily do yourself in just a few minutes and the only tool you usually need is a screwdriver.

Especially if you have younger children, the advantage of not having to worry about keys for everyone in the family and making sure they remember to carry them can give you a lot of peace of mind.

Here are some reasons of why you may or may not want to consider keypad deadbolt locks and some examples of the different types of locks that are available.

Top 3 Reasons To Use A Keypad Deadbolt Lock:

1. It goes without saying that the primary reason for using a keypad lock is the ability you will have to unlock the door without a key. There are so many different situations where being able to unlock the door with a code rather than having to use a key can really save you and your family time and trouble. Everyone has different reasons for considering these type of locks and you know why you are considering them for your own situation.

keypad deadbolt

2. You are more likely to always lock your doors when you leave the house if you use keypad locks. Unauthorized entry by intruders into personal homes, even when someone is at home, frequently happens because doors and windows are unlocked. The hassle of making others unlock the doors when they come home, especially when they know you are inside the house, keeps many of us from locking up at all times. Good home security means keeping doors and windows locked. If you install keyless deadbolt locks, it’s easy to make it a habit of locking the door whenever you enter or exit without having to worry if you are locking another family member outside without a key.

3. You can set up entry code combinations that will allow you to give access to others if you want to allow them to enter the house when you are not at home. If you a situation where you need to let service people or other workers into the house, you can give them their own unique key code that you can later erase from the lock memory when there work is done. Or if you have relatives for friends that you may want to give access to, you can give them their own code. This is an extremely convenient way of handling situations of this type without the problem of making and distributing keys to everyone.

The Negative Side:

1. Keypad deadbolt locks usually are powered by a battery the provides the power to operate and back light the keypad. The battery will need to be replaced but most units come with a built in alarm system that causes the lock to beep when then battery is low. Keep the instruction manual for you lock handy and replace the battery either on a regular basis, or when you hear the warning beep.

2. Many people like the feature of keyless deadbolts where you can feel the bolt go into the door when you lock it. One example of a lock of this type is the Schlage Keypad Deadbolt.

3. In a number of keyless deadbolt reviews people debate the merits of locks where the electronic part of the mechanism opens and closes the deadbolt versus locks where the electronic keypad only unlocks the mechanism and then you have to manually turn the bolt to unlock the door when you enter from the outside. Some people feel that the extra power required to throw the bolt my cause the lock battery to run out of power unexpectedly especially in very cold weather. If you are concerned about this, get a lock where you open and close the bolt by hand.

keyless deadbolt

Digital keypad deadbolt locks combine the benefits of using a deadbolt which is much more secure rather than a typical latch type lock along with the convenience of keyless entry. Even putting one of these locks on one door of your home is a quick way to gain all the advantages right away. You can make your life a lot easier and eliminate worry by ordering one today.

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