How To Think Like a Crook When Installing Your DIY Home Security System

Before you purchase a DIY home security system, take a few minutes and think through the main reasons why you will be installing it. If you take a little time and put yourself in the shoes of someone would try to break into your home you’ll probably find some things that you hadn’t thought of before. Here are the three main things that will keep burglars and intruders away from your property.

1. Make the break in or intrusion as attention getting as possible.

2. Make the attempt to gain entry as difficult as possible.

3. Make the burglar or intruder spend as much time as possible gaining entry.

Criminals hate attention. That’s why most burglaries and break ins that are done to steal property are done in the early hours of the morning, usually before 5 AM. Most people are asleep and crooks love to be able to move around unobserved.

If it works in your situation, pick an alarm system that has both indoor and outdoor sirens or loud alarms that go off if the system is triggered. Some systems also have the feature that they can turn on your house lights or outside lights if an intrusion is detected.

Another feature that some systems offer that creates more distress for whoever tries to enter your home or property is the ability to announce messages over the system. These messages can say that the system is auto dialing the police and that they have been alerted. Anything you can do to draw attention to your home when the alarm is triggered is a good thing. Choose a system that will make as much noise as possible.

The more difficult it is to gain entry the less chance you’ll have of anyone giving it a try. Burglars do not want to be caught by the police and most make some effort to consider what risk they are taking before attempting a break in. A home alarm system is great to alert your and your family if someone does break in, but making it difficult to gain entry to your home in the first place should be of primary concern.

Make sure all your doors and windows have secure locks. Deadbolt locks are much better than standard door locks. Don’t fall into the habit of leaving any doors or windows open or unlocked when you are not at home. And remember that criminals would much rather enter the house where they can do so unobserved. Many people never leave home without locking their front door, but leave basement or second floor windows unlocked or open. This is an open invitation to a professional burglar.

If you have exterior doors that are not strong and solid, have them replaced with a good quality metal exterior door. Use deadbolt locks or other door security devices on all exterior doors including your walk in garage doors. Light weight windows like those commonly found in the basement can be protected by installing security bars or grills that will keep any intruder out.

Ask yourself how you would get into your house if you forgot your key. As you identify these areas change whatever is needed to make them more secure.

The more time it takes for an intruder to break in, the less chance there is that they will target your home. Post visible warning signs at any point where someone could approach your home that will tell an intruder that you are protected by a residential alarm system. Make sure these are visible so that anyone who attempts to break in will have to take extra time to try to figure out if they can get by or disable the alarm.

If you feel you or your home is at risk from an intruder or burglar, leave bright outside lights on at night at all times. Don’t scrimp on small 25 watt bulbs to save money. Leave on the brightest lights you can at all doors and if possible other areas where a criminal might approach your home.

Cut down any hedges or bushes that hide basement windows or lower level windows. Do whatever you can to make it time consuming and difficult for anyone to approach your home undetected.

Contrary to popular opinion, professional burglars are not lazy or stupid. But they also don’t want to take more risk than necessary. If you decide to put in a DIY home security system make sure you look at your total situation. By taking the steps we’ve discussed, and doing whatever you can to make it risky and difficult for a burglar to gain entry, you can take away a large amount of the risk that your home will be the target of any burglar or intruder.

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