Driveway Alarm Systems

A driveway security alarm will alert the home owner regarding intruders or incoming visitors. A driveway alarm system is just the right addition to the present home security system. This device not only helps protect the car, but it also prevents intruders from using the driveway as a way to arrive at the house.

The alarm is a sensor-based machine that detects any motion in its sensor path. On detection of motion, it activates a signal and sets off an alarm, indicating the presence of a trespasser or guest.

There are two kinds of driveway alarm systems- wireless systems and wired systems. A wired driveway alarm system detects a vehicle as it drives over a cable, stretched across the driveway, while a wireless unit detects motion and sends a wireless to a receiver in your home. A wired system is the most cost effective but setting up requires digging a low ditch where the linking cable runs from the driveway to your residence. Wireless systems may use infrared or electromagnet technology to detect movement in the driveway and send a wireless signal to a receiver in your home.

Many homeowners prefer to install a wireless driveway security alarm but the distance from the alarm to the inside receiver creates trouble if they have a long driveway. When choosing a wireless alarm, calculate the distance from the future site of the sensor, to the farthest corner of your home. Choose a stronger transmitter if the sensor should go through thick foliage and several walls before reaching the receiver. Infrared sensors quickly sense a vehicle entering your driveway but they may also detect a dog or even a bird. Electromagnet sensors detect only the metal on a vehicle but a bicycle may trigger the sensor. usually, the farther the range of the transmitter, the more expensive the system is, however, with new technology advances, the cost of efficient driveway alarms are plummeting.

While selecting the best driveway alarm system, a few parameters such as distance, detectors, and receivers should be kept in mind.The distance between the indoor receiver and the sensor needs to be calculated, in meters. The distance also has to be checked for trees, buildings or any other objects. This is because whenever manufacturers quote the working distance, it’s the distance of clear line-of-sight. This means that objects present between the two locations can reduce the signal to a great extent. Whether one wants to detect vehicles, or people and animals, also has to be made clear. Alarm systems with one side PIR beams detect people and cars. Alarms with narrow and pet-friendly beams will avoid detecting small animals. There are alarms that are hidden underground to detect vehicles. Solar powered systems with twin beams, covering larger areas are also available. Thus, depending on the requirement, the alarm system can be chosen. Driveway alarm sensors work the best when mounted at a height of 2-3 feet, on a tree or wall, at least 6 feet away from the area to be monitored. Driveway alarms are used for personal as well as commercial security purposes. It’s a one time investment with no recurring costs.

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